A Southern Californian based photographer, singer/songwriter, graphic designer, performer, inspirer, lovetarian. 

I grew up in a musical family spending my childhood involved in musical theater & singing competitions. In my teen years, I spent my extra curricular time filming short cinema, making claymation, taking photos & participating in drum line (playing the Marimba!). Straying away from performing, in high school I spent my time painting a new picture every single day & pushed my self to grow as a visual artist as fast as i could! At this time I also decided I wanted to be a photographer. It quickly it became my side job. My first gig at sixteen was photographing a music group & I've been doing that ever since! There is a very special place in my heart for creative portraits & fine art. I graduated from Fullerton College in 2014 with a professional photography certification (& an award of excellence of my class). In the process of getting my degree, getting well acquainted with a tablet stylus, i found a love for digital drawings & paintings (which I've used thus far for album artwork for multiple musicians) After working in the field shortly after graduation, I realized I missed singing & remembered it had always been a dream to be in a band. Befriending many musical friends, (I was Previously in The Tragic Radicals & Comrade Cat). At the end of 2016 I was gifted a Ukulele, which has become my ultimate salvation & I plan on working with it on upcoming solo projects, & incorporating my songs with any bands I work with. Just your average Jack-Of-Some-Trades Style Chameleon heavily inspired by world spirituality & mysticism, trying to inspire everyone around me one project at a time!


self portraits



Specializing in clashing the dark & macabre with vibrant psychedelic visuals via breaking through deep emotions, collaging, compositing photos. Working with ethical bones, taxidermy, crystals, rituals, intimacy, MAGICK ETC. My extended study in magick, esoteric occultism, gnosticism inspired the direction for my fine art photography to mirror any of these inspirations. Every image has a great deal of attention to detail & mystic energy in every pixel!

My work is most attractive to ones that embrace the light & dark aspects of life. I've created a platform for you to visit both extremes of the spectrum!


Creative Portraits, Compositing, Commercial, Product, Album Artwork, Directorial, Head Shots, Mixed Media (illustration on photography), Analog, Fine Art. 

Every photoshoot & creation is unique! Just like YOU! The goal is to create anything your mind dreams up!


My vocal inspirations stem from bands such as Queen, No Doubt, The Dresden Dolls & Mr. Bungle (That sure paints a picture). As I am with my photography, I try to chameleon my self into the spectrum of strong alternative rock vocals, to a more feminine sound.

With my high energy I'm known for putting on an engaging show (and to have as much fun as possible!)