(Clothing will be AVAILABLE soon)

About Rae Mystic’s Period Chic

Period Chic is a DIY streetwear line for period positive humans. Everything is handmade with lots of love! Normalizing the very human phenomenon in which none of us would be alive without our birth mothers having it! Celebrating life, comfortability, and inclusivity. This line is for anyone with or without a menstrual cycle. Wear it out, as loungewear, or anytime on your period when you want to feel fabulous about it xoxoxo



PRE-ORDERS! For the first release will be available starting 5/28/2019! On 6/3/2019 Pre-Orders will be closed until fulfillments are made! Orders will be fulfilled the week of 6/3!

WEAR CARE! When you clothes are loved heavily it shows! To preserve ANY article of clothing: Wash with cold water & hang dry!!

THIS IS COMPLETELY DIY!!! Myself, Rae, is making all the designs, & hand pressing them (WITH SO MUCH LOVE!) For now, everything ordered by y’all during the pre-orders is when I will be building the inventory!

The FUUUTURE: I want to be releasing often. ALWAYS Period Chic, with limited edition off topic releases!