🖤Happy Halloween Season day tres🖤

I decided to do a full re-edit of this series for 2017! I love the horned goddess! This photoshoot was inspired by the writings of Nicole Campbell- Model in photos and creator of the following poetic words (this is a true photo story)

"Rebel voice with this wild core. Brace yourself there's going to be a storm, running free my demons and me. Wicked heart, crooked smile, blacken wings surrounding me. I'm the lover that you're looking for, the poison that you crave. Bitten lip, still wish you could tame. Breath me in deep and the taste is bitter sweet. Couldn't get much higher while you're on your knees. Now beg, now plead. Reach your hands to me. Dance for me. I'm the goddess, the deliver of sin. Im the wicked voice in the back of your head. Im wrapped around you. I'll hold you tight, now close your eyes, brace yourself for the darkness in this night. Feeding on the power, living on these lies. Letting you die just to bring you back to life. I'm the wickedness, I'm the dark seed, I'm emptiness you need to feed. Now burn, now fall now see me...."