Do we try to find beauty in death as a coping mechanism of accepting it? 


I've found that my whole life, and many others i've encountered have such a fascination with death. In time I've grown to find beauty in life and death equally. Is this interest subconsciously a coping mechanism?

The unknown is one of the most compelling topics of life as we know it, because in that regard, we don't. Some individuals live their whole life in fear of it, some gravitate to wanting it (death). I feel so interested in grasping why us humans take interest in what we do.

If we see and appreciate the beauty of each day passing. The sunrise, a blooming garden in the spring, the first snow day of the year, the smell of the first day of fall; some days late at night you may lie awake and get stuck in your thoughts worrying about what happens when it's over. Life it's self. 

What happens when the show is over? It can be a scary thought. I find that when you look at both parallels in retrospect: During life and after life, looking to what both have to offer whether it's to the planet, art or inspiration. Appreciating what both polarities have to offer, the unknown becomes easier to accept. You can move through life as you know it fearlessly and live life knowing that when the curtains close, you're leaving a piece of you behind. Death is another part of life. In which ever way we embrace that fact, the easier it is to move forward every day. Always leave inspiring footprints on the lives that you cross paths with. Maybe death isn't something that must be coped with? Have we been conditioned to attach our selves to fear the inevitable? 

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